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Castle Acre Primary School

World Book Day 2020!

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During World Book Day this year, we read the story The Ugly Five by Julia Donaldson.

We enjoyed reading the book and noticed it had rhyming words in it. We spoke about the word 'ugly' that it wasn't a kind word to use and we felt a bit sorry for the animals that they thought they were ugly. We liked the message in the book that it doesn't matter what we look like because we are all special in our world!

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We travelled to Africa to learn about the different animals that live in the African landscape!

When we arrived, we noticed it was really hot outside because Africa is a really warm country! We had a go at painting the landscape that we could see using sponge paints. It was a bit tricky!

Afterwards, we learnt about the different animals that live in Africa - like the Big Five (Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinoceros and Cape Buffalos) and other animals too! We looked at the patterns of these animals and had a go at drawing them ourselves, we had a go at sketching an elephant and learnt about what the animals eat too! We even had a go at some Yoga in the style of african animals!

We were really tired by the end of our African adventure.