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Narborough Primary Academy

Week 2 Tuesday 23rd June

Phonics / SPAG / Spelling

Choose between 5 and 10 spellings that you are going to try and learn this week. Set a 5 minute timer. Once the timer has begun, write out each of your spellings carefully in a list. For the remainder of the time see how many times you can write the spellings out. Look for spelling patterns, hidden words etc to help you remember. You can repeat this again later in the week to see if you are any quicker!


Y1 Click on this link: Whiterose Partitioning numbers Watch the Lesson 2 video then complete the worksheet in the attachments.

Y2 - Click on this link: Describing turns Watch the video and complete the worksheet in the attachments.


Listen to Paddington Bear Chapter 2-

Imagine you are Paddington and you want to send a postcard to Aunt Lucy telling her all about life in London so far. What things might you be able to tell her about your journey? Meeting Mr and Mrs Brown? To help you with your ideas and to recall what Paddington has got up to so far, draw some pictures and label them with key words and phrases of what has happened. Try to draw and label them in sequence. This will help to plan the events you will write about when you write your postcard later in the week. Y2 extend your learning by writing some adjectives and interesting words you could include in your post card. You might even hear some great words in the story!


Continue with your factfile on Spectacled Bears. See Monday 22nd June for details of the topic work this week.