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Narborough Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together

Squirrel Class


Teacher:  miss mitchell


 Years 2/3


Welcome to Squirrel Class (2019/20)     

We hope you find the information on here useful. In Squirrel Class we always aim to have fun whilst we work and we always strive to do our best in everything we do.

To help us keep Everyone safe, Everyone happy, Everyone learning the children in Squirrel Class have decided upon the following rules:

Squirrel Class Golden Rules,

  • We take care of each other.
  • We play gently.
  • We keep our classroom tidy.
  • We listen and work quietly.
  • We help each other and we are always polite.
  • We always walk carefully around school.


Squirrel Class Topics for the Academic Year

Keep an eye out for dates as we hope to celebrate our topics through themed days and Educational visits.

Autumn 1

Heroes and Heroines - Who has made the world a better place?

Autumn 2

Famous Artists - How can we paint like....?

Spring 1

Local & contrasting locality (Non EU) - Where would you prefer to live? England or Africa?

Spring 2

Safari - How do animal habitats differ around the world?

Summer 1

The Titanic - What was so special about life on board the Titanic? Was it the same for everyone?

Summer 2

Seaside Holiday - Why do we love to be by the sea-side?


Reading books                           

We will do our best to change your child’s reading book regularly. If your child has finished their book please remind them to take their reading book out of their book bag and put it in the basket. Please try to spend a few minutes each day listening to your child read and remember to sign / comment in their reading record. We will reward regular reading with stickers and golden tickets! We always welcome any grown up helpers who can spare a little time to come in and hear the children read.

Library books

Children can choose a library book to share with you at home. Our library day is a Wednesday. Please ensure your child returns their library book the following Wednesday so they can choose a new one to take home.



Your child will be given a Learning log in which to keep a record of their homework. Homework will be based upon key skills for reading, spelling and maths. These should be practised regularly for a few minutes at a time. Activities to help your child practise the key skills will be updated in their Learning Logs. 

Show and tell

We will do our best to make time on a Friday for children to show or tell anything about their achievements at home, special family events / celebrations, photos, books or anything they have that may be topic related. Please do not bring in any toys to school.


PE, and a daily run  

 PE will be on a Monday and Wednesday afternoon. PE kits should be brought in on a Monday and we will send them home on a Friday to be washed. Please could you ensure that all of your child's PE kit and school uniform are named.

Each morning the whole class will be running around the field or playground for 5 minutes to help us feel fit, awake and ready to learn! As we get better at running and quicker with our routines we will increase the distance we run so we can work up towards a daily mile! The children will only need to change into appropriate footwear.

We look forward to a super term ahead. Please remember that we are always here to help so do come and talk to one of us and we will do our very best to help you.