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Castle Acre Primary School

Plastics Debate - December 2019

In Oak, we have been looking at plastics and how they are affecting our world by polluting or endangering wildlife. We thought about the question 'Do plastics have a place in society today?' The children used ICT to research this and came up with some amazing points.

"Plastics have a very good use in medical things. For instance, when I am sick I have Calpol. It comes with a plastic syringe so my mum knows how much to give me. I strongly believe that these types of plastic are important in our society." - Nathaniel

"Without plastic sports would be more dangerous and sports people would have more injuries. Helmets, mouth guards, plastic foam pads, balls, racquets, bats and foam wrapped goal posts all have plastic in them." - Maddie

"People think! We have to eliminate the amount of single-use plastics because we only use it for about twelve minutes and then throw it away. It hurts the animals or even kills them. We have to think about how to stop this!" - Nikola

We invited our Chair of Governors, Mr Mike Dwyer to visit the classroom to observe the children participating in the debate. He was impressed with the passionate way the facts were put forward.