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Sporle Primary Academy

Monday, 1st March

Please log on to Oxford Reading owl and read the following books -
Group 1: The Personality Potion
Group 2: White Fang
Group 3: White Fang
Group 4: Stories of Sherlock Holmes
Then, summarise what the story is about.


As it is our school book week, who better to help us with our writing than a well-known, fantastic author?! This week we will be having some help from Cressida Cowell, author of many children's books, including How To Train Your Dragon. 

First of all, watch the following videos of Cressida reading the first chapter of How To Train Your Dragon.

Then, watch her next video where you will need some paper and a pencil to complete her map task.

Once you have finished, watch Miss George's video explaining your task. You will also find the powerpoint below if you need to re-read any parts.

Please keep hold of your writing today as it will form part of a weekly unit - later in the week we will be creating our own story using parts of today's writing.


Daily 10

Encourage pupils to practise their times tables by clicking on the link below. This will give 10 questions based around recall of the times tables facts.

  • Click on the daily 10 image.
  • At the top of the page, you should see 3 ‘choose’ tabs
  • 1st tab: Choose level 4 (year 4) or level 5 (year 5)
  • 2nd tab: Multiplication, Choose mixed tables up to x12
  • Then you should see a range of question intervals at the bottom of the page…can you try a quicker challenge?
  • Upload your score to dojo to let your teacher know how you got on.


You could also try selecting division to practice using your knowledge of times tables to solve related division questions.

 White Rose Maths

Note: this week there are separate lessons for year 4 and year 5 children.

Year 4: Subtracting 2 fractions

Watch the following video below, then complete the worksheet.

Year 5: Subtraction - breaking a whole number

Watch the following video below, then complete the worksheet.


Art: An introduction to graphic design

For art today, you will need a pencil, rubber, paper and something to colour with (ideally pencils). Watch the video from Mrs. Wallace who is an artist that will be teaching you all about graphic design.

Spanish: My Family-About me-Greetings

Click on the link below to log onto your account on language nut. (You will need your login details).

  • Enter your username and password to login
  • Click on ‘Elementary
  • Click on Spanish
  • Click on topics
  • Click on Me and my family
  • Click on About me
  • Click on Greetings

Start to learn the vocabulary by clicking on the words to hear them.

Then try playing some of the games (found by clicking on the practice/games tab). You can try reading, listening, writing or speaking games.

If you are feeling brave, you can also try doing one of the tests (click on the tests tab) to see how well you can remember the new vocabulary.