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Castle Acre Primary School

Mayan Day May 2017

After a successful topic on The Mayans, we concluded our work by having a Mayan Day. Everybody dressed up (we had many glorious outfits.) The children carried out their maths lesson using the Mayan number system and created a book using Mayan hieroglyphs. We held a Pok-a-Tok competition where the four teams played each other and the team with the highest score overall won. Our day culminated with a Mayan feast where we had avocadoes, tortillas, guava, salsa, guacamole, chicken, duck and chocolate truffles made with cacao. The children had cocoa to drink also made with cacao - great fun was had by all.

Courtney - 'I enjoyed playing Pok-a-Tok best. It was great fun.'

Poppy - 'The tortillas were really tasty.'

Reece -  'I really enjoyed the Pok-a-Tok game because it was fun and my team were the champions.'

Alfie - ' My favourite part was the feast but I didn't like the cacao truffles.'

Freddie - It was fun to write in a new language so I enjoyed making my booklet of the different hieroglyphs.'

Summer - 'I liked the feast because we got to try all the different types of food such as guacamole and tortillas.'