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Castle Acre Primary School

Explorers Day November 2018

On Friday 9th November 2018, Oak Class spent the whole day participating in activities designed to give an insight into what it might be like to be an explorer.

The topic theme for this half term is 'Frozen World.' The children came into school dressed suitably for spending the whole day outside on the school field. Each group had to erect their tent and make Base Camp as well as design a camp flag. They came up with names such as 'Wolf Runners,' 'Tent-Tastics,' 'Loud Lizards' and '007 Base.'

The groups then embarked on the different activities - Antarctic Trek Route, Trek with a Difference and Blindfold Course, each designed to encourage teamwork, bravery and perseverance. The groups also enjoyed Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows which they made themselves.

After eating lunch in Base Camp, the children took part in a 'Survival' activity, led by one of our parents, Mr Manisty. Each group were able to wear, touch, look at or taste items that would be included in a survival kit.

Please look at the photos of the day.