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Sporle Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together

DAY 5 Friday 27th March

Thanks once again to everyone who has signed up to Class Dojo; yesterday, I started posting updates and information about the daily tasks. To those of you who have already set up a portfolio for your child, it was wonderful to see the photographs of what you have been up to at home.

Unfortunately the Class Dojo app did experience some fairly major glitches yesterday due to unprecendented amounts of internet traffic; therefore, you may have had a few problems creating an account or your account may have disappeared. I will continue to work today to resolve these issues. Please bear with me while I work these technical issues out: it will all eventually get sorted.



Work through the questions on Maths Skills Check 5

Work through the ‘White Rose Problems of the Day’ for Day 5. 

Spend any additional time using Maths Shed or working through you CGP maths textbook.


Read one of the reading comprehension worksheets and answer the questions.

Work through the questions on Grammar Skills Check 5. 

Listen to Episode 5 of Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo on the BBC School Radio website.

Spend any additional time using the Read Theory website, Spelling Shed or working through your CGP textbook.


Find out what music your family members enjoy. Does everyone like the same type of music? What is your favourite song or piece of music? What are the favourite songs of other people in your family?  You could listen to each other's favourite songs - can you identify the instruments you can hear? Do you and your family members like/dislike any particular types of music and why?  You could make a list of your family's favourite songs.


9am Go to Joe Wicks' YouTube channel (The Body Coach TV) to take part in his Daily PE lesson  or google 'PE with Joe'. 

Alternatively, you could try some of the workout videos on Go Noodle.


Listen to: The way things are: How the rhinoceros got his skin (BBC School radio website)