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Narborough Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together


Hello Otters

We've made it to the end of the last week. Well done to everyone for all of your efforts in your home learning. Mr Scott and I have been kept very busy planning lessons, looking at submissions of work, and answering questions and queries.

Here's the timetable of work for Friday:


The final lesson in our unit of work on position and direction is going to be about reflections. You will have done some reflection work in previous year groups but you may not have been asked to do it on a coordinate grid.

As usual you need to watch the White Rose teaching video before completing the worksheet which can be found in the attachments at the bottom of the page.


Today is our 4th lesson in our Sherlock sequence of learning  In this lesson, you will be developing your understanding of what life was like during the Victorian era and mind-mapping extra vocabulary to use in our writing lessons. We will also have a specific focus on using prepositional phrases effectively.


Back to Biomes today! I’d like you to access Lesson 2 Where are the Earth’s biomes? On the Oak National Academy website. In this lesson, you will be learning about where the Earth’s six major biomes are located and how their position on the Earth impacts their climates. The lesson concludes by considering the huge variation that exists within continents. 

Here’s the link to the lesson