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Castle Acre Primary School

British Science Week

Oak Class immersed themselves fully looking at various aspects and functions of the human body. We learned all about the functions of the heart, and the majority of the class thoroughly enjoyed dissecting a pig's heart. They also created line graphs which represented their findings on how your pulse rate changes when you undertake cardio-vascular exercises.

They also learned about the three main functions of a human skeleton (support, protection and movement). Alongside this, they learned the names of the main bones such as sternum, pelvis, femur, clavicle, scapula and skull.

They carried out an investigation where they were changing the pitch using glass bottles, jars and water. They thoroughly enjoyed this activity and one group even managed to play Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star by adjusting the water in their vessels.

Another of our investigations was looking at how quickly a human eye adjusts to see things in the dark and which materials allow light to pass through them and which bounce the light off. They were using the terms opaque, transparent and translucent.

'We had two pig hearts in school. IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER! I had blood all over my pointer finger because I had been pointing around in the different valves.' - Jack

All of the children thoroughly enjoyed this cross-curricular week.