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Castle Acre Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together

Refugee Sleepover at Castle Acre!

On June 14th 2019, the children returned to school from 6pm armed with sleeping bags and bed rolls to participate in a 'Refugee Sleepover.' The evening was designed to enhance the children's understanding of what it would be like to be affected by a natural disaster or living in an area of conflict.

"I enjoyed the team-building sports activities, but it's sad to hear that so many children around the world can't play in safety." - Etholle 

During the evening the children participated in activities such as Bucket Rounders, team games, races and 40/40 In. There was also a film show during which snacks and sweets were shared.

Just after midnight everyone climbed into their sleeping bags and settled down to try and get some sleep - not easy on a hard floor!

The evening was also a fundraising event and a fantastic £300 was raised from the evening. This will be shared between UNICEF (School-in-a-Box) and PACT.